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To start this week off right (or wrong, depending how this goes), I’ve decided to join the ranks of the Tweeters. I am a notorious late adopter of new technology. I resist it. I’m stubborn. I think it’s all a load of rubbish. And then I get on board about 3 years too late.

Being honest, I stillthink Twitter is a bit narcissistic. Who am I to think people want to hear me spout clever little one-liners 3 times a day? I mean, really? But I’m doing it anyway. Mainly because a friend told me that THE Kelly Wearstler tweeted a thank you to me for my post about her. How bizarre and amazing! Although it was probably an office intern, not Kelly herself – let’s be honest. Either way, it was enough to make me sign up. Just so that I could tweet back at her!

As of now, I have ONE follower, so I’m basically tweeting to myself. Feel free to follow me @lifeunstyled. I can’t promise it will be exciting or funny, but you never know…

Some tweet-tweet related design:

via apartmentsinteriordesign

Nina Campbell wallpaper

Nest bed by OGE Architects

Birdhouse mural from my portfolio

Birdhouses from my portfolio


Two photos above: Birdcage wallpaper from my portfolio – the home of a newly divorced woman wanting a really feminine dining room. Um, I think she got it.

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