Kitchen Counter Clutter

I’ve always liked a slightly cluttered kitchen counter. When I go to someone’s house where there is nothing out I get a bit nervous. Where’s the toaster and the tea bags and the cookbooks and the hairy ball of blue-tac that’s got legos stuck in it? (Or is that just my house?) 

Of course it’s nice if it’s artfully cluttered – no cereal boxes or loaves of Wonder bread on display, thank you very much. Everything’s got to be decanted into nice jars or tins and anything unsightly put in a drawer. We’ve got miles of counter space in our new house – something I’ve never had before – and it’s been fun (and frustrating) figuring out ways to keep it practical but looking good. For all the ugly stuff like bills and tape and random bits and pieces (hairy ball of blue-tac) I’m a big supporter of the junk drawer. Give yourself a break – everyone needs a place to hide their ugly clutter.

Some good examples of stylish kitchen clutter:

via Design Sponge

via photographer Bob Martus

via Desire to Inspire

via Design Sponge

Here is the kitchen counter of our old house in LA, as featured by Design SpongeApartment Therapy and Anthology Magazine

via my portfolio

And here is what this kitchen looked like in reality on a day when it wasn’t being photographed for some nice interiors blog/mag. I talk a good talk but at the end of the day, I’m human and things aren’t always pretty and shiny.

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