Hold On To Summer And Do NOT Let Go!

Earlier this year I styled a shoot in London for which is now live on their site. I already do a lot of shoots for IKEA Live magazine, traveling around and styling the homes of serious IKEA fans, but this was an ideas shoot for their main website. So, pretty exciting! My brief was to create clever ways to bring the outdoors into your home, be it through plants, fabric, or garden futniture. I love this idea below of hanging lengths of fabric from a curtain rod, either to divide a room or as a backdrop on a wall behind a bed. Great if you don’t have a headboard, like me. Now that we’re in the last days of summer, it’s a pretty cheap and easy way to temporarily add a burst of colour and energy to your home before succumbing to the dark depths of winter.

Full disclosure: I’m writing this from Los Angeles, where the summer really never ends. But next week I’ll be back in London, cold and sniveling as our “Great British Summertime” (Lies! All lies!) comes to an end, crying my eyes out and craving something lush and cheerful to brighten my mood. My now neutral bedroom may be due for an uplifting update. For the full story, head to the IKEA site, here.


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