Feature in Heart Home Summer Issue

A few weeks ago, Carole King and Arianna Trapani from the digital magazine Heart Home, came to my house with photographer James Balston and writer Liggy Griffiths to shoot a few images and interview me for their summer issue. It’s now online here, near the front of the magazine. (You can’t link directly to a specific page).

These are a few images from the shoot. You can see the lamp I covered with fabric, the Ikea red armchair that we’ve had for 14 years and has travelled the world with us, the leather pouf bought at a charity shop and stuffed with old pillows and fabric. We’ve since put away the rug as Gracie the Frenchie had an accident (on the morning I was leaving for LA to shoot my book, she woke up with her back legs paralysed). Now she has frequent accidents, if you know what I mean. Lovely right? So rugs are a no-no.

This is one of those “I should’ve paid more attention to my hair” photos.

Lots of mine and my brother’s artwork on the wall behind.

A couple of shots from our bedroom. The wire art you’ve seen here, but I painted the side tables chalkboard paint – I like to use this for a really matte and, duh, chalky black finish. Our bed is very low, it’s actually on pallets. We’re finally buying a bed this week – I’m so ready to be off the ground a bit!

Another little corner of our room. In my quest not to buy too many things since we sold everything in LA, I find myself picking up discarded furniture on the street even if it’s not quite right for the space – like this sideboard. But when it’s free, it’s hard to resist isn’t it? Meant for a dining room, it now stores socks, undies and sewing supplies. What we really need in this space are some tall wardrobes/closets, but for now I’ve got these patterned bags for scarves, purses, and off-season shoes (I’ve got quite a few…)

I made these crazy curtains from African fabric bought at my favourite stall in Dalston. I’ve since taken them down, to be replaced with rough white linen ones (on the “to make” list) and these wild ones will probably become pillows. It was all a bit much, don’t you think? But for me it’s about experimentation. Sometimes I have to go through with something to realise it’s not quite right. That’s half the fun, although I realise a lot of people just want to be done with it and move on.

Holly Becker over at Decor8 did a little feature on this Heart Home issue, with some of the images from my house. Click over and see what she thought and definitely check out the magazine in full.

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  • Reply Angie 26 June 2013 at 1:27 PM

    I love your feature and that you constantly take risks in decorating – very inspiring!

    • Reply Emily Henson 27 June 2013 at 7:15 AM

      Thank you Angie! Trial and error, trial and error…

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