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MAKE: Hand-drawn Tiles

I’ve always been a huge fabric fan. I often buy bits and pieces, not knowing what I’ll do with them, but absolutely needing them in my collection. I’ve bought shirts and skirts at charity shops just to use their fabric to make cushions – remember this post?

I bought these African fabrics from a stall in Dalston, East London, quite near my house. At £5 for 6 metre bundles, it’s a total bargain. They ended up sparking the idea for this next project and I’ve since bought piles of the stuff. Ok, so you have to be a decent doodler or, like me, at least willing to give it a go and see what happens. But it’s worth a try as the results are really lovely.

I found some plain white tiles in my basement and with a permanent marker, I loosely copied each fabric’s design onto it. It took a couple of go’s for each one, but after I got in the zone, it was really therapeutic. You could use any design from fabric, wallpaper, a pattern you see in a book or in nature. Or you could make up your own as you go, maybe sketching it out first.

The result is a stack of pretty little tiles you can use for coasters or just propped up along a windowsill serving no purpose but to be pretty.

Since I made these I discovered pens designed for permanently decorating ceramic/porcelain, like these ones from Pebeo. A much better idea as the Sharpie does eventually start to scuff.

Remember, Life Unstyled is all about the beauty in imperfection, so don’t stress. Have a bit of a scribble and see what you get. I’d love to see results so email me if you give it a go.

Beautiful photography by Sarah Hogan.

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  • Reply petal and plume 17 June 2013 at 4:32 PM

    this is a wonderfully perfect idea, a perfect craft for lazy summer evenings

    • Reply Emily Henson 18 June 2013 at 4:19 PM

      @petalandplume – thank you for your kind comment. It's definitely fun if you like to doodle.
      Thanks for reading!

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