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Faking It! (With Flowers)

Last week I caught myself adding water to a vase of fake flowers. This one below. They’re practically neon yellow, not realistic at all. I hadn’t had my coffee yet so my brain wasn’t working properly. 

Picked up from the pound shop near me (for £1, duh) they add a bit of fun to my bar area.

Same here. Hot pink. Again, not very real looking, but they add a flash of colour to a room when maybe you don’t have the budget for fresh flowers.

Fake flowers get a bad rap and rightly so in some cases. See below.

{Warning: this photo may make you blind}

But they’re not all bad. Either go for something a bit wacky like mine, first 2 pics above. They’re dirt cheap and good if you’ve got a bright eclectic thing going on at home.

Or go for something a bit more sophisticated like Abigail Ahern’s collection of very realistic fakes below, at her Islington shop and online. Hers have been called the Chanel of fake flowers. They’re more pricey at about £8-£15 per sprig/flower, but at least it’s a one time purchase, unlike fresh flowers.

I like to mix it up: fake, fresh, branches, foliage cut from the garden, potted plants.

Plants in all their forms are an essential part of giving your home a feeling of being alive. One well placed vase of flowers or greenery can literally change the entire feel of a room, I promise.

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