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Country Living Christmas Workshops

For three weeks I’ve been a nervous wreck planning for this series of Christmas decorating talks/workshops at the Country Living Christmas Fair. Not a big deal for some people, but I’ve never been a particularly confident public speaker. I wanted to challenge myself so I did it anyway.

After a bit of a rocky start (apologies to anyone who came on the 1st day – shaky voice, shaky hands, mind went blank a few times) I ended up really enjoying it. Particularly teaching the hand-made fabric decorations. It’s given me all sorts of ideas for future projects…

Martha Stewart, watch your back! (Ha ha – who am I kidding?)

Thanks to my sweet children for coming along and listening so intently to what I was saying.

And thank you to one of my oldest and dearest friends Yolanda Chiaramello, the brilliant photographer and florist, who managed to take photos at the same time as wrangling her two gorgeous blond boys and looking ridiculously stylish. Yolanda is one to watch. She’s one of the most beautiful and stylish people I know. She sometimes takes ‘Street Style’ photos for but I always think she should be the one being photographed.

Thanks toRay-Stitchin Islington for all the beautiful fabric and ribbon.
And thanks of course to Country Living for letting me get up there and do my thing.





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