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The Weird World of Sarah Illenberger

I’ve been researching about five different projects over the past couple of weeks and desperately seeking inspiration for all of them. During one of the many, MANY Pinterest sessions I’ve had in my search, I came across the work of artist/set designer/product designer Sarah Illenberger. You know how sometimes you have weird ideas, like ‘Hey I wonder if I could carve a beetroot to look like a ruby?” Or “Wouldn’t it be cool if plants had polka dots?” Well Sarah actually follows through.

Spend a few minutes browsing her portfolio here, for some major inspiration and happy vibes.

Sarah Illenberger beet jewelsSarah Illenberger shuttlecocks

Sarah Illenberger 1

Sarah Illenberger fruit of the loom

Sarah Illenberger carrot lipstick

Sarah Illenberger Earth

Sarah Illenberger watermelon


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