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Brush Strokes – DIY Art

When you change your mind about everything relating to interiors as much as I do, homemade art is the way to go. Rough paper from the art supply shop, black paint, brush. Frame it. Done. I saw an image on Pinterest where there were four of these displayed on a wall and it was so impactful. Admittedly they were probably painted by a reputable artist, rather than a wannabe like me, but who cares right? For me this was more about forcing myself to get back into using a paint brush or even pencil and not worrying about the end result. I do like a bit of abstract art anyway.
black and white diy art emily henson life unstyledExcuse the grainy photos . You know photography’s not my strong suit. My living room is forever in a state of midday gloom due to lack of sunlight and the old iphone camera does not like that set up.

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