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Movie Making In My House

Ok, so obviously Christmas has passed. Decorations have been taken down (except for that house down the road where they keep their xmas lights up all year long – Ugh) and the shopping madness has ended, thank god. But as I was looking through some photos just now I had a good chuckle about what I was doing two days before Christmas. 

Knitting new stockings for my nearest and dearest? Baking Christmas cookies to give to all the neighbours? Stringing popcorn and cranberries to hang on the tree? No, actually none of the above. 

On December 22nd and 23rd my house was filled – all 700 square feet of it, I might add – with a student film crew. My brother-in-law, Garette (he might kill me for putting in that link) is an incredibly talented guy currently working on his masters in film at New York’s Columbia University. 

He wrote a short film that happened to be set in my house and also happened to star my eight year old as the leading role. How could I possibly say no? My house and my son were going to be stars. It also happened to be two days before Christmas, like I said, so we had to sort of work around the tree and the lights. There were probably ten people in the house at it’s fullest, along with dollies and cameras and all that good stuff.

It ended up being a really fun experience and the film is very, very good.  It turns out the leading (eight year old) man takes after his uncle (see Garette’s link…) in the acting department. Maybe I’ll throw in the towel with this whole styling business and become a pushy stage mum. Make this kid earn his keep!

Here are some shots from the shoot:

Garette directing his star

And that’s a wrap. When the star hides under the bed, you know it’s time to turn the cameras off.

Check out those floors! Clearly, they did not get the Breakthrough paint treatment like the living room. It’s on my list. My very, very long list.

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