My Maximalist Styling Portfolio

This morning I spent a bit of time updating my styling portfolio, since it’s been a while. As I browsed through my images I realised that for someone who doesn’t like colour or pattern, my work would be a major assault on the senses. Look at it! It’s a neat freak, minimallist, monochrome loving person’s worst nightmare. Click here for the full collection of images in all their insane technicolour glory. And don’t forget to wear your shades.

On another note, I’m off to Paris again this afternoon for my job with Anthropologie, hence the Sunday blog post. Everyone keeps saying to me “you’re so lucky” because I’ve been there so much recently. In case you imagine me strolling the Seine and relaxing at cafes, let me enlighten you. I’ll be working 12 hour days, getting covered in paint and dust, running around looking for the right tools, and saying the phrase “Je suis desole, mais je ne parle pas Francais” about a thousand times a day to customers who think I work in the shop. Follow me on Instagram or Twitter to see what I get up to while I’m there.

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