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Styling Can Be So Glamorous…

For all those sweet young girls who email me asking how to become a stylist, I say this: be prepared to do weird things. Like put on both the photographer’s shirt and his assistant’s t-shirt, tuck a piece of linen into your neckline like a gigantic bib and hold very still and at just the right angle a takeaway box with hot coffee, perfectly foamed by the food stylist.Then, when it’s decided that the linen can be seen in the shot, an embarrassed assistant will stand by your bum and hold up the fabric for about 20 minutes while the perfect shot is captured. Pretty awkward. If you think you can do that with a smile on your face, then you’ll be fine.

Next time you see a close up picture of a coffee and a muffin at your local coffee chain, picture this scene and remember that things are not always what they seem in the land of photography and styling.

Photo courtesy of photographer Dan Duchars’ Instagram.

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