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Blogshop Comes To London

Taking Blogshop, the weekend long Photoshop for bloggers class, has really changed things for me. As a Photoshop virgin, being forced to spend two full days learning the basics – within the confines of blogging – has helped me get over a big barrier.

Look what I can do now! Don’t laugh, you PS pros out there, I’ve always wanted to know how to draw/type on my photos! Now I just need one of those fancy electronic pen thingies. Handwriting with a mouse ain’t pretty. ( It’s not lost on me that it looks like a child took a black marker to this photo. Baby steps people! Practice will eventually make perfect).

The class is taught by Bri Emery, graphic designer and blogger at Design Love Fest and Angela Kohler, photographer and commercial director – both based in LA and travelling the globe to teach Blogshop.

You might recognise the space? Curtain Road Studios in Shoreditch, where I styled this and this.

As I get ready for my book release and anticipate a lot more traffic to the blog, I feel like I’ve got the tools to take it to the next level. Now if I just had a bit more time….

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