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I don’t usually post personal photos on here (unless they’re interiors related of course and then I have no problem showing you my messy house). But with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this past weekend and all the fun stuff happening around London (despite the rain) I couldn’t resist.

We headed down to the river bank to try to catch a glimpse of the Royals on their boats and grabbed a load of periscopes – free with the newspaper – genius! 

Always looking to improve on an idea, little Johnny strapped 3 periscopes together – with a bit of help from big sis – and was able to easily see over the crowds.

For the record, my daughter is not actually as tall as me. And yes, my son is eating an ice-cream even though it was cold and rainy (June in the UK is delightful, let me tell you).

Me planting a flag on little one’s head.

We had loads of fun and I was thrilled to be back living in London to experience it in person. Dare I say it…it made me proud to be British. 

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