Dreamy Bunkbeds

I’m still obsessed with kids rooms. I’m not sure what I’ll do when mine won’t let me interfere anymore. They’re already deeply involved in their room schemes (see my post about kids who decorate) but I still get to direct a lot of it and contribute ideas.

I’m getting ready for our move to the new house in a month or so. I’ve been gathering lots of ideas for various rooms on Pinterest and these blew my mind. Even though the kids have their own rooms at last, I still can’t get enough of brilliant bunk bed ideas.

These bunks are so inspiring in three very unique ways.

Crazy seventies fabric mash-up via babyspace

Calm, vintage-style room with built-in bunks via The Telegraph

Incredible triple bunk in Majorca, Spain via NYTimes

And here’s our old house in LA where the kids shared their bunk under the tree.

This time last year, when we moved to London and rented out our house, my daughter helped to paint over the tree. Gone forever! You can’t get too sentimental about interiors though, can you? 

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