As seen on the Nate Berkus show…

Ages ago, before I even moved to London, I was asked to give permission to Nate Berkus to use images from my portfolio on his show. They were doing a segment on how to display TV’s and they used this shot as an example of how to do it with style.

As thrilling as that was, I forgot about it since I wasn’t going to see it anyway (it doesn’t air in the UK).

But I got an excited email from my mum-in-law the other day saying she turned on the telly and there was a picture of my living room on Nate’s show! It’s always exciting seeing your work on the tv or in the press. It never gets old.

To any Brits who don’t know – Nate is Oprah’s favourite designer and used to feature regularly as a design expert on her show until she does what she does to those she loves – she gave him his own show.

Anyway, Nate is adorable – if I wasn’t happily married and if he wasn’t, um gay, I’d stalk him with love letters. Here are some images from his portfolio. It’s more traditional than what I’m usually drawn to (let’s be honest, it’s much more upmarket that what I like!), but he mixes vintage and modern so elegantly and with lots of style. He makes homes look natural, as if they’re a true extension of the homeowner’s personality.

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