Front Doors That Charm

If you’ve seen my Los Angeles home, then you know how I feel about colourful doors on a house…

Since being back in London I’ve been completely charmed by all the lovely colours people paint their front doors. None quite as crazy as my pinky-purple ones above, but lots of really nice soft greys and blues as well as the odd bright pop.

I took most of these as I rode my bike home from dropping off my son at school (one of the added bonuses of leaving LA and selling the cars, we’re all cycling again). 

My favourite – it looks more lilac-y in person:

A storefront turned house:

These look like the homeowners conspired to pick just the right paint colors to look good side by side:

Glossy black looks so good on these old houses, especially with all that greenery:

And primary colours! This cracks me up, three houses side by side – mix up those paints and you can get any colour in the rainbow:

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