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The Upside Of Freelance Life

2016 has been a really weird year for me. Full of contradictions. My personal life has been rubbish. Worst year ever, as I mentioned in my last post. Let’s leave it at that. But my work life has been booming. (Except for June when I didn’t have a single shoot and I was thinking about a career change – dentistry perhaps?) Aside from that scary little quiet time, I’ve been so busy with making/writing the new book and styling freelance for old and new clients that I’ve barely had time to think. It’s turned out to be a life-saver in dealing with the difficult personal issues – if I’d had too much time to mull things over, I would have been even more of a mess! (That quiet time in June wasn’t too pretty). Continue Reading


When your personal life affects your interiors life

You could argue that your personal life always affects your interiors, and you’d be right I guess. Your style goes through many stages in your adult life – college dorm rooms, your first flat shared with friends, first flat with a partner, the arrival of babies, then toddlers, then teenagers, mid-life crisis (hey, it’s a valid life stage!), retirement….

Your home has to tick a lot of different boxes during these stages. But what I’m talking about are the occasions when, seemingly out of nowhere, your interiors style does a 180 degree turn. One minute you like one thing, the next you can’t stand it. This is what’s happened to me and I have to say, it’s very weird because I barely recognize myself anymore! I’ve had a lot of change in my personal life this year and things have been quite unsettled (this is me being euphemistic). Now that the dust has settled, what has manifested is a complete change in the way I want my home to look and feel.  Continue Reading

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Life Unstyled, the book!

There hasn’t been a whole lot of action here on the blog lately, but I have a good reason, I swear. I’ve been travelling and busily scribbling away for my most exciting project to date: Life Unstyled in it’s rather gorgeous printed book version (if I say so myself).

Following on the success of Modern Rustic and Bohemian Modern, the lovely ladies at my publisher Ryland, Peters & Small (RPS) finally let me loose on my idea for Life Unstyled the book, where I get to totally indulge my unending passion for beautifully imperfect interiors. With the magnificent Debi Treloar behind the camera, I have curated, styled, and written what I hope is a book that inspires you all to love your own homes, with all their lumps, bumps and unfinished jobs, just a little bit more.

Just like this blog, Life Unstyled the book came about as a form of rebellion against the impossibly high standards set in magazines and social media, where very often we’re only shown a moment in time when a room has been styled to look it’s very best. Never mind that just out of frame there is usually chaos and mess – we don’t see that, we just see the spotless and clutter-free shot that often makes us feel bad about our own less than perfect homes.Life Unstyled book chapter page Continue Reading

Life Unstyled Bohemian Modern dining

Mix & Match Dining

Now that I’m thinking about yet another house move (see last post) the wheels have started turning regarding how I’m going to decorate. As I mentioned last time, my taste has changed a bit, calmed down I guess in the last year or so. But that doesn’t mean I like ordinary (FYI I do not like ordinary). I still love an eclectic mix, and no better place to exercise my right to mix and match than in the dining room. Whether you have a separate dining area or, like me, your kitchen does double duty, one of the most freeing realizations is that it doesn’t all have to match.

The brilliant owners of this insanely stylish home in The Netherlands – styled here by me for my second book Bohemian Modern – have got it so right. Start with a good solid table, add a petite love seat and then mix in an odd collection of dining chairs and stools. (If you have room for the love seat idea, don’t forget to check the seat height as a sofa is often lower than a dining chair. You could always plump it up with extra cushions for added height). The trio of glossy copper pendants and the concrete floors give this vintage look a more contemporary edge.
Life Unstyled Bohemian Modern table

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New House Goals

A lot has happened over here in the last few months: I’ve worked with some great new clients, I finished my third interiors book (out in September), I sold my house in LA, and the house I’ve been renting in London is being sold so it looks like we’re on the move again…

We have a busy and probably very challenging few months ahead as we figure out where to live (we LOVE our neighbourhood but the house prices are insane). Do we buy or continue to rent? When do we move? How do I make it easy for the kids? How do I balance yet another move with work/life? It’s one of those times where I’m just keeping my chin up and facing one thing at a time, otherwise it gets a bit overwhelming!

But of course the fun part of moving is starting to think about how that new home might look. In times of worry and stress it’s always good to do a bit of positive daydreaming right? I’ve been pinning madly to my Pinterest boards, especially my secret one called something cheesy like “My new house that I will buy in 2016”. (I love a bit of intention setting, don’t you?) And what have I noticed about my pins? My taste is changing, that’s what! Perhaps in an effort to simplify my life and to streamline everything, my interiors style is also becoming more simple, less cluttered and more calming. There’s still colour, it’s just more thought out and doesn’t consist of the entire rainbow. There’s still some clutter, it’s just minimised and more restrained. And hopefully there’s still character, it’s just a little less in your face. (I’m looking back at these images now and realising that maybe calm isn’t the right word! Not sure this would be considered calming by most people…Maybe just less cluttered?)

There also seems to be a lot of pink, a fact that I love, but also irritates me a bit because wasn’t blush the ‘colour of the year’ or something? I do my best to not pay attention to that stuff, but it seems I’ve been sucked in by the trend anyway! Ugh! Anyway, here’s what I’m loving right now.

Life Unstyled toned down boho

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Confessions Of A Workaholic Stylist

Hello, my name is Emily and I’m a workaholic. I haven’t styled a photo shoot for 21 hours.

That’s my life in a nutshell right now. Bloody hell, what a year it’s been so far! I know it’s a cliche but really, where has the time gone? How is it May already? Between styling back to back shoots, travelling and writing for my third interiors book, and selling my house in LA (yes I’m officially staying put in my hometown of London), it’s been pretty full on. I’m definitely not complaining – I love being a stylist and I doubly love being busy – but I haven’t stopped working since January. I think last Sunday was the first full one I’ve had off in months. Usually I’m at Columbia Road flower market filling my granny trolley for a shoot or making or painting props in the studio.

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