Kelly Wearstler: The Kate Moss of Design

Here’s why. Kelly can design anything, wear anything, say anything and because she did/wore/said it, it becomes cool and imitable. That’s exactly what Kate Moss has been doing for fashion for 20 years, inspiring designers with her innate sense of style and her unique and confident interpretation of fashion. If Kate wears it you can bet it will be in shops the following season, no matter how ridiculous – Uggs with short skirts? Come on! That only looked good on Kate, but still we all (not me – I always resisted the Ugg trend, even though they’re insanely comfy) followed suit.

Back to Kelly. She’s so damn stylish and incredibly bold and confident in her choices (and also really beautiful which doesn’t hurt) that she makes you buy into the whole look and lifestyle. She has managed to make all that awful weird and tacky lacquered furniture from – gasp! the Eighties – seem cool again. But not in a vintage-kitcsch sort of way – in a kind of, sort of, really glamourous way. 

She’s made bathrooms clad entirely in coloured marble and stone seem young and stylish, instead of stuffy and OTT (Well it’s still OTT but in a glam sort of way). Like Kate (first name basis, me and Kate), it’s all about her interpretation and confidence that make it work.

 Even if it’s not your cup of tea, you kind of have to respect the sheer madness of her designs.

All photos via Kelly Wearstler

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  • Reply Angeline 24 April 2012 at 11:51 AM

    I agree! (with the Ugg stuff too:)

  • Reply Emily Henson 24 April 2012 at 1:23 PM

    Hi Angeline,

    She's pretty cool isn't she? And to top off the good looks, great style and sky-rocketing career, she's also got an estate in Beverly HIlls to test out all her design ideas.
    I'm not jealous I swear…

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