Secret Life Of Bags

New Column: Secret Life Of Bags

Welcome to a brand new column on Life Unstyled called Secret Life Of Bags or as I affectionately call it, S.L.O.B. With each S.L.O.B. feature, we’ll offer a rare glimpse into the very personal, usually off limits and sometimes messy world of the handbag. In this new era of living our ‘perfect’ lives for the world to see on social media, people seem to be obsessed with showing only their best side. What I’m far more interested in is seeing some of the imperfection, the mess. With each post, one daring person will let me visit their home or studio, tip the contents of their bag out and style the heck out of them. We’ll be making pretty pictures with some of our most mundane bits. Yes we will still be making beautifully styled images, but instead of featuring perfect, staged props, we’ll show you the real life miscellanea we all carry around, and find out the stories behind the stuff.

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Behind The Scenes

Macrame Workshop Part Two

There’s still time people! If you missed the sold out macrame workshop and Bohemian Modern book signing at Anthropologie‘s flagship store, there are still a few spots left for Bath on April 14th from 12-2pm, and Guildford on April 18th from 10-12. I’ll show how ridiculously easy and satisfying it is to make your own macrame plant holder with some very bohemian modern neon green string. You’ll get to take home a cute little potted plant and your £10 fee will go towards a signed copy of my book (that makes it only a tenner, ok??)

I’ve even made this nifty little contraption for the table for your knotting ease. What can I say, I’m a giver. Hope to see you there! x

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Behind The Scenes, Secret Life Of Bags

Top Secret Project + Book Giveaway

I’m working on a new pet project that I’m pretty excited about. It’s an idea I had two years ago that I’m finally doing something about. It may lead to absolutely nothing and no-one will be interested or it may be the best thing I’ve ever done – who knows? But it’s something I’m certain someone else will do and I will be filled with bitterness and self loathing for not at least trying. And I reeeally don’t want that. Here’s an outtake from the first shoot for this hush hush, still secret project.

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Behind The Scenes, Creativity Before Consumption

Macrame Workshops at Anthropologie

To celebrate the release of my second book Bohemian Modern, Anthropologie have kindly offered to host a trio of workshops where I’ll be teaching macrame (beginners macrame I might add). The tour kicks off tonight at the flagship store on London’s Regent St where we’ll be making something similar to these plant holders below, as featured in my book and photographed in the Danish home of the lovely garden designer and author Dorthe Kvist of

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My Maximalist Styling Portfolio

This morning I spent a bit of time updating my styling portfolio, since it’s been a while. As I browsed through my images I realised that for someone who doesn’t like colour or pattern, my work would be a major assault on the senses. Look at it! It’s a neat freak, minimallist, monochrome loving person’s worst nightmare. Click here for the full collection of images in all their insane technicolour glory. And don’t forget to wear your shades.

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